28 May 2021

Distretto Biomedicale interviews Stil Gomma, partner of the impure project: the company, founded in 1977, has always been a leader in the production of technical articles in rubber, silicone and other elastomers.

Read the interview in English below:

distrettobiomedicale.it, is one of the six Italian companies participating in the impure European research project that has received a contribution of about 5.8 million Euros from the European Commission. In total, Impure will involve 19 partners from 8 different European countries, coordinated by the Technical University of Athens. There are 6 Italian companies participating in the project, after having deepened the knowledge of Producta and Iungo, we discover Stil Gomma, a company located in Bergamo with over forty years of history. Giulia Sala, Quality Management System and New Project Development, answered our questions.

What does the company do?

“The company, founded in 1977, has always been a leader in the production of technical articles in rubber, silicone and other elastomers”.

In the impure project what role do you have and what will be your activity?

“We were selected thanks to our Bergamask mask; in March 2020 we designed and manufactured our medical silicone mask with interchangeable filters in just 20 days reinventing part of our injection production line. We will give practical support to the project by exploiting our presses and our know-how in the injection moulding world”

What skills are you putting at the service of the project?

We are a mainly technical company. All our articles are designed and built ad hoc. We have no catalogs to choose from. We have made available to the consortium all our knowledge in the topics of materials, design, presses, processes.

What is the most challenging challenge you are facing in the project?

The goal of the project is very ambitious. The most challenging challenge will be to reduce all ideas into the productive reality.

What other innovative projects are you currently engaged in?

There are plenty of ideas in the drawer in the field of protection, sport & performance and others that we will certainly carry on as soon as this period of uncertainty passes.

What are the professional profiles you look at most closely?

As mentioned above our company is purely technical. All internal processes, although the dimensions are medium-small, need figures prepared, flexible and open to new ideas.

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