imPURE Project is focused on important key activities:

  • To exploit and repurpose existing pilot lines for production of medical supplies
  • To design and develop modular moulds for injection moulding
  • To assure a broad distribution in EU of medical supplies

The overall technical work is proposed for a period of 18 months. A coherent Work Plan with its corresponding main activities was designed to reach the imPURE objectives.


imPURE is working on the repurposing of Injection Moulding production lines. Injection Moulding is one of the most commonly employed processes to massively produce plastic parts in a timely and cost-efficient way. End-use parts with tight tolerances can be produced in one step, often completely automatically and, in general, subsequent post-processing steps are not necessary. imPURE aims to provide a systematic approach and end-to-end value chain for fast-track injection moulding line repurposing, by the development of a master die unit which can hold interchangeable cavity inserts of targeted medical consumables.


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the majority of global supply chains and distribution channels. Accurate forecasting of demand and supply optimization in a continuously evolving environment requires integrating data from multiple sources and analyzing it in real time. In this context, imPURE will develop a Supply Chain Collaboration platform that will guarantee the involvement of 100% of suppliers, direct and indirect, whatever their size, language or technological infrastructure. By this means, both raw materials and final products will be managed and distributed on time.