imPURE Final Results

Video interview about imPURE project with the Coordinator Prof. Costas Charitidis

Video interview with Georgios Christoforidis & Yankang Tian | Project Partner of ImPURE – University of Strathclyde

Video interview with Bert Muscat | Project Partner of imPURE – Pascoe Engineering Ltd

Video interview with Serge Prigent | Project Partner of imPURE – Jules Verne Institute (JVERNE)

Video interview with Manuel Laspalas | Project Partner of imPURE – ITAINNOVA


Webinar on Digitalisation of IM lines for repurposing

30 March 2022

Webinar on Fast-Track modular mould development and Metal Additive manufacturing for IM moulds manufacturing

2 February 2022

Webinar on Product Design & Development imPURE’s Critical Medical Supplies

27 October 2021

Webinar on the Supply Chain Collaboration Platform and distribution of CMSs

25 May 2022