Personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face masks, are pivotal for the reduction of the biological hazard level that the healthcare workers are exposed to, during a highly diffusible pathogen outbreak such as Covid-19. Medical devices such as oximeters, spikes for vaccines and ventilator accessories, are Critical Medical Supplies (CMSs) of high importance in Intensive Care Units.

During a pandemic outbreak, supplies are running out  worldwide with consequences on the occupational infection rate, such as in the last pandemic due to Covid-19, infact WHO confirmed that the global stockpiles of PPE were insufficient.

imPURE project forseen the production of CMSs such as:


PPE including: Ergonomic Reusable Respirator Silicone / Elastomeric Half Masks for Healthcare Professionals.


One-way multi-draw device, indicated for use of chemotherapeutics and antiblastic


Finger pulse oximeter with integrated ceramic protective structures for electronics.


imPURE technology will contribute to other industrial sectors that exploit injection moulding. According to the latest market surveys13, packaging was the largest application segment of the injection moulded plastics market with a net demand of over USD 79.0 billion in 2019. Injection moulded plastics hold immense potential, particularly in the medical and automotive industry. The injection moulding industry is expected to witness the highest growth both in the medical devices and components sector.