19 April 2021

Luca Mongiorgi of IUNGO has been interviewed by Distretto Biomedicale to share his experience inside imPURE project. The interview is in italian, here you can find the translation in English:

Our journey to discover the Italian companies participating in the the European research project imPURE continues. Luca Mongiorgi, CMO of Iungo Spa, born from a spin-off of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, answers our questions. “IUNGO – explains Mongiorgi – is a Supply Chain Collaboration platform that guarantees integration between customers and suppliers. We always do this thanks to a patented technology, the IUNGOmail, which guarantees the onboarding of 100% of suppliers in no time. But above all we do it on production suppliers, that is, those who have an impact on our customer’s core business “.

Which is your role in imPURE project and what will your activity be?

Our role is that of a technological enabler. The aim of the project is to make the biomedical sector more reactive and flexible in the event of an emergency, as happened with the pandemic. This means, from a technological point of view, having a platform that enables companies to get to know their suppliers and / or potential suppliers better, from all points of view (product portfolio, certifications, production capacity, financial strength, … ) so you can quickly get them involved in case of a sudden need.

In addition to this qualification phase, it is also essential to have a non-impacting technology (IUNGOmail) that allows you to enable all operational processes (Orders, Bills, Labels) quickly and in a structured way.

Which kind of skills are you putting at the service of the project?

We have more than 400 projects active with approximately 70,000 interactions a day between the companies that use our platform. In addition to the purely technological aspect, the fact that we already had customers operating in the “biomedical” subcontracting also had a lot of weight, this in the first lockdown allowed us to better understand the desired and refine some technological aspects. Therefore, thanks to this consolidated experience and the focus on direct suppliers we are implementing our technology to guarantee:

– mapping of active and potential suppliers

– effective and structured management of the interaction with suppliers on the ALBO, RDO and ORDERS processes.

What is the most demanding challenge you are facing within the project?

This project is particularly challenging and complex at the same time for two main reasons:

– the number of interlocutors involved who impose a work of synthesis of the needs of individuals

– the focus of the project which is not seen as a “simple order”, but as a race against time to bring tangible benefit to this pandemic situation which is prolonging.


What other innovative projects are you currently working on?

We can define our innovation roadmap according to three main guidelines:

– Community expansion: guarantee an ever greater diffusion

– Technological evolution: to guarantee features and services that are always innovative (for example Blockchain) and increasingly adhering to customer needs (qualification and monitoring of suppliers, including financial)

– Technological ecosystem: to provide integrated services with other platforms (ex: Fintech)

-What are the professional profiles you look at with the most attention?

They are certainly of two main types:

– experts in purchasing processes or in supply chain and operations more generally;

– technological skills and propensity for innovation.

For a company like ours, at the cost of falling into the cliché, human resources are the most important element on which product innovation is based and consequently the satisfaction of the end customer.

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