April 27 – 2021 | Virtual Event

During the Joint Workshop that imPURE Project carried out in collaboration with STILGOMMA and SIDAM, all aspects relating to the possible developments of the project were analyzed.

In particular, the Workshop was divided into two parts. In the first part, STILGOMMA explained how the idea that led to the development of the BergaMASK was born and the important role that COVID-19 played in the design and production effort of the mask.


Another important moment of the STILGOMMA report within the Workshop concerned the modalities reserved for end-users, who will be able to build the mask themselves and will have the certainty that it has been made in a sustainable way with sustainable materials.

In the second part, leaded by SIDAM, they focused on the regulation of production processes and on the bureaucratic steps that are being proposed to ensure that project developments obtain all the necessary certifications.