29 October 2021

On Wednesday, 27th October, 2021, the first webinar of imPURE project, “imPURE Webinar on Product Design & Development | imPURE’s Critical Medical Supplies” was organized by Warrant Hub ( Dissemination Manager), Distretto Biomedicale Mirandolese (Networking responsible) and National Technical University of Athens (Project Coordinator). The speakers focused their presentation on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Critical Medical Supplies (CMSs) that have been developed within the project, giving insights on the product design, prototyping and industrial uptake. The three case studies have been presented starting from the product design to the industrial repurposing:

  • mask case
  • oximeter
  • vaccine spike and ventilator splitter case.

The webinar is the first out of four, the next one will be organized in the second half of January/first half of February with the focus on Fast-track modular mould development and Metal Additive manufacturing for IM moulds manufacturing.

Stay tuned for further information!